Are You Ready To Raise More Funds and Inspire A World Brighter and More Beautiful Than Your (current) Imagination?

Grab my hand, put on your learning cap and get ready to dramatically shift your mindset so you can raise more for your mission and create more joy in your life as you surpass your goals and dreams.


No matter where you’re starting from or what you want to focus on today, something brought you here and I am grateful for it. 

You're visiting me on the ground floor... we're just getting started and I am so excited to dive in with you! Below you’ll find a descriptions of my premier initial program  you will see a button that will lead you to a page to either learn more about the program or to enroll and get started right away.




The Fundraising Letter Lab

Did you know that there is a way to write a fundraising appeal that speaks directly to your donors in a way that makes it so they want to give?


Thinking precedes feelings

And feelings preceded giving (this doesn't just sound nice either... it's neuroscience)

You are responsible for building the bridge between your and your mission. Forget traditional technical writing and reporting and learn how to speak directly to your donors' hearts, minds, and wallets. 

Learn how to craft an appeal letter (see: asking your donors for money) to your donors that elicit feelings. Your donors want to give to you. 


You will learn how to speak to their logical minds to earn their trust. Your donors want you to succeed.

It's just about time to start preparing to send your year-end appeal. Are you ready? 

Create a Mission-Centered Social Media Presence (that inspires people to GIVE)

Anyone familiar with using social media for nonprofits knows there are both challenges and advantages. You want to raise awareness about your mission but you also want people to TAKE ACTION: to donate, to volunteer, to use your services.

In this training, you will lay the foundation you need to build a MISSION-CENTERED social media presence that will grow into a larger community, create more connections, inspire more donations, and help you fulfill your mission at a deeper level.