Social Media Masterclass

Transform your nonprofit into a sustainable powerhouse through a strategic, mission-centered social media presence and a fresh new approach to inspiring donors to give.

Are you frustrated with your lack of results in your fundraising efforts?

Feel like the social media is overwhelming and there is no time for it?

Convinced that online fundraising works for all the other orgs, but yours?

Not applying what you know you SHOULD be doing?

Need a mentor to explain how to do "social media as a nonprofit" to you in a down-to-earth and understandable way?

I'm totally here to help you!


Presented by Alison Baldree Baldree, CFRE, Founder of Philanthropy Babe

"Social media provides nonprofits an incredible opportunity to support their mission while also reaching prospective donors, volunteers, and supporters like never before."

In this masterclass,
you will discover and learn the following:


Over 15 years ago, I decided I wanted to dedicate my career to doing good, so I decided to become a nonprofit fundraiser. After over a decades of nonprofit fundraising experience, I am so excited to begin to share some of the best things I have learned that have helped me and my teams achieve BIG results for our nonprofits.


Of course,  want to share some fundraising wins with you so you can get a better idea of what I'm talking about,

  • From increasing one nonprofits' social media presence, we in turn inspired great year-over-year campaign growth, raising over 24% more than the year prior. (See: HUGE results!)

  • With another organization, I helped build a monthly giving program from 76k/month to raising over $228k/month. Transformational! (See: more staff, more people served, bigger impact for the mission.)


I love inspiring the the joy of giving and an am finally ready to admit that I'm somewhat of an expert at doing so.

Take my hand and let's move you from an apologetic  "please will you maybe give" fundraiser to an INSPIRING and MISSION-DRIVEN Fundraiser who LOVES to raise funds and is excited about the LEGACY you're building!


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Your time and resources are too valuable to invest in tools and trainings that don't help you make an impact.

Give The Mission-Centered Social Media training a try. If, after 6 months you don't see any results? You get no clarity on your message? The social media content pillars brought zero clarity on what to post? You're not seeing more engagement and excitement from your growing community of donors? Or the mission-centered social media prompts didn't help you? Just send my support team an email - hello@philanthropybabe.com - and you'll get your money back. No questions asked.