You are making the world a better place.


Philanthropy Babe exists to help girls gain confidence and empower women.

The babe behind the philanthropy, Alison, is on her own healing and empowerment journey. She is eager to share in her learning and encourage everyone to grow alongside of her.

"It is my mission to spread empowerment, help nonprofit professionals achieve excellence in fundraising, and inspire women to become financially independent, and give back."

- Alison


Together, we are manifesting a kinder and more empowered world where everyone can engage in the joy of giving - and receiving.

I envision a future where everyone is aware of their inherent self-worth, their beauty, and their capacity to transform their life into one filled with joy, beauty, and love – including YOU!

Thank you for visiting Philanthropy Babe, engaging in conversation, supporting our community, and inspiring a better world. 

It feels good to give.

Supporting the community and the people and organizations that work within it has been a part of Philanthropy Babe's mission since the beginning! This is why we have a satisfaction guarantee. In fact, if you purchase an item from Philanthropy Babe and don’t love it? In addition to a refund, we will make a donation to a nonprofit of your choosing.

What’s really fun is that you are already making an impact with every purchase with Philanthropy Babe. We commit, at minimum, 10% profits to women’s empowerment initiatives & nonprofits dedicated to helping girls gain confidence. 

We view Philanthropy Babe’s non-profit support as an extension of our mission and an opportunity to give back to those in the community who are actively engaging in vital healing and empowerment work.

It is through connection and in community where healing, empowerment, and transformational change can truly happen. 

Organizations supported in 2021:

Ten Sixteen Recovery Network

The Denise House




Family & Children’s Services