Let's get to work

Is your organization calling you to set some seriously BIG goals for your next direct mail campaign?

Don't even know where to begin?

Overwhelmed with how to make it all happen?

Tired of sending letters and emails that bring in little to no money?

I am totally here for you. 

Is it your goal to...

  • Raise lots of funds for your mission (see: #WhenFundraisersMAKEITRAIN)

  • Make fundraising FUN again... or for the first time?

  • Feel INSPIRED by what you write?

  • Completely revolutionize how you approach donor appeal letters?

  • Make smashing your fundraising goals tangible and EASY

  • Speak to your donors HEARTS and MINDS in such a way that they WANT to GIVE to you?

Did you know that individual giving makes up 70% of all charitable giving in the US?

... then "The Fundraising Letter Lab" 


Imagine raising thousands more through your direct mail appeals. 

Here's the reality...


That's right! It’s literally right there - you've just got to scooch your chair back to see. We're talking about unrestricted cash to help you meet or better yet, exceed your fundraising goals and make an even bigger impact on your mission. It’s not just accessible, it's within your reach. The best part is that it’s already there, sitting with your existing community of supporters.

Can't see it? I've got a flashlight for you.


It can feel overwhelming, but I'm here to expertly show you how simple it can be. 

Stop spending all of your time and energy on trying to get new donors, foundation grants, government funding, or any other means of raising funds that are restrictive and not aligned with the power of your mission. (You know what I mean.)

There’s a better, easier way to raise money

And now I invite you to come
along for the journey & try the


for yourself.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a nonprofit founder, executive director, fundraiser, board member, or officer who knows you have a community of supporters who are ready to give more.

  • You’re driven. You want to be great at what you do and want to maximize your impact.

  • You’re an optimist. You see aspects of our world: violence, and childhood poverty, to name two, and know that we can help make a transformational difference.

  • You are tired of the status quo, desire creativity, and want to do things differently.

  • You’re determined to raise 50%- maybe 100% - more from your direct mail appeals to your donors this year.

  • You’re a donor yourself. You are philanthropic and voluntarily give personally to causes that you care about.

This Training

Has The Potential To Change

How You Fundraise In A Big Way




I am a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP), with over a decade of experience raising millions of funds from individuals for mission-driven organizations. 

I’ve been studying nonprofit development, fundraising, psychology, and philosophy for over 8 years. It is my intention to bring to you the best information & condense it in a way where you can actually APPLY it, see results like never before, and fund a lot of joy in the process. 


You're trying to change the world in a big and transformative way, so you might as well harness all of your inner superpowers... including the ones you may not even be aware of. 


Fundraising is a science and an art... it takes the skills and drive of an entrepreneur and the faith of an optimist. It’s just a matter of making the best practices that have been learned over the decades and turning them into something simple, second-nature, and inspiring. 


This training is going to absolutely revolutionize the way you write fundraising appeal letters to your donors. 

Who is Alison Clare Baldree
& how can she help me?


I’m new and am just getting started. Is this for me?

The Fundraising Letter Lab is for nonprofit newbies and those who have been at this for decades. If you already have some individual donors and are a registered 501c3, you are in the right place. Let’s get you going.

I’m a seasoned fundraiser and my direct mail campaigns are raising more than $100k a year. Will this be too basic for me?

Not at all.

I don’t live in the U.S. Can I join?

If you send mailed appeals, asking your donors, volunteers, and community of supporters to give, this is for you.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like The Fundraising Letter Lab once I’m inside?

Yes. We offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with The Fundraising Letter Lab after 6 months, we’ll give you your money back.

Can I join the program with my team?

Did someone say fundraising party? Yes! I love teams! Just be sure to register each person individually. This work is personal and each team member will need to participate fully.

I cannot afford to pay for the training. Is there a discount or nonprofit rate?

Here’s my promise to most nonprofits, both big and small: your appeals (and your other donor communications - both digital and print) can raise lots more money, quickly and easily, if just you make a few simple changes. ​Just know this - you don't have to be the best fundraiser to double your donations. You just have to be a bit better. 

Sign up for the best
seat in class. 


Yay! I am so excited for you!