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There is so much I want to share with you, but first, there is so much you have to share with the most important person in your life: YOU.


Your story is important.

You are important.

You matter.

Your dreams are a gift.


Journaling has always been, and still is, my tried and true method to getting crystal clear on what I desire... it helps clear away the voices and narratives that were given to me so I can hear my inner voice... journaling helps me listen to my heart and move in the direction of my soul.

Affirmations to help you find more joy in Fundraising
(and raise more)

As fundraisers, we talk about money quite a bit—how to get it, why we need it, what it can do. At its bare essence, at least. But how often do we openly explore what money means to us, personally, as individuals? We know that our profession has a high burnout and turnover rate. This can be because of demanding pressures or unhealthy work structures at times, but I wonder if part of this has to do with our personal relationship and feelings about money.


Does money - or asking for it - make you feel icky or uncomfortable? If so, you can change those feelings. 


How? Here's neuroplasticity in a nutshell: 

A thought you think over and over again is a belief. A new thought you begin thinking over and over again becomes a belief.

Using affirmations can help remind you to think new thoughts. It's a way of adopting new thoughts - ones you actively choose as opposed to ones you picked up along the way through negative things like fear or shame.

When you improve your relationship with money, you will raise much more - and find more joy in the work. 


Keeping track of your donor touch-points can feel intimidating.

It's actually really, really simple.

Just take note of when you call, email, or see them. You don't have to remember everything, but if you keep track, your future self (and future funds raised) will thank you.


Building out a major gifts program can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. 

To achieve excellence in fundraising, you must take several small steps…over and over again…

trusting the process and letting it unfold.


Gratitude is magic. Did you know that if someone makes a donation and you call them to say thank you within 48 hours, they are 40% more likely to give again? Gratitude can turn a stranger into a friend, and help you raise more for your mission! Check out this easy-to-use yet impactful call script and start thanking your donors, today. 

Introducing: Ask a Philanthropy Babe

This is for everyone from the fundraising newbie who has questions about getting started, to the long-time nonprofit leader who has a more complex fundraising issue they would like some insight on, and everyone in between.

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