Hi! It's me, Alison!

Experienced. Certified. Empowered.

As a woman in nonprofit, I understand the tension we hold. Needing the enthusiasm and drive of an entrepreneur yet being subject to the decisions of others. It can be strangely empowering and disempowering at the same time. 

Early in my career, I remember the deep feelings of inadequacy: fears over asking people to give, even if to a cause I knew they believed in. Fears over having to raise more money than I could even conceive. Fears of being judged or disliked. And fearing failure.

You are not alone in these fears and you can overcome them. Imposter syndrome is real. And as a fundraising professional? It's my mission to help empower other women in nonprofits (YOU!) to not only fundraising excellence, but to have more faith in the most important person in your life... yourself.

I'm really good  at identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs, nurturing the seeds of my authentic self, and creating processes that instill confidence and joy in all areas of my life. And I want to share these with you because your light is too bright to stay hidden. 

Therefore, I built the Philanthropy Babe Free Resource Library for you. In it, you'll find a training series, guidebook, a soul-centered journal to help you blast through limiting beliefs and discover your purpose, and a printable guide with the best philanthropic and abundant affirmations to help you reprogram your mind for success.

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Once you realize that the elements of fundraising that may be scary are powerless? The world begins to open up.

Alison is an amazing, passionate resource and did all her work with professionalism and expertise. She gets things done and knows fund development.

Terri B.