I'm Alison.

Philanthropic Culture Creator, Nonprofit Fundraiser, Introverted Hype-Girl, Writer, Go-Getter, and your nonprofit friend who is super excited to see you achieve excellence in fundraising. 

Welcome to my breezy back deck and "figure-it-out-and-do-good-things" lab. 

As nonprofit professionals, we all know what we should be doing... raising more money for our mission. Super easy...right?
Might I help you?

Here’s my promise to most nonprofits - the big ones and the tiny ones - your donor stewardship efforts can help you raise a lot more money and create a lot more joy, both quickly and easily, if just you make a few minor adjustments.

The average donor retention rate is hovering around 40-45% across the nonprofit sector. This means that if 100 donors give to your organization in a given year, then only about 40 of those donors will give again the following year.  Why? Well to start... they make some super simple mistakes with their gratitude practices.

The mistakes are common: focusing too much of their energy on the "ask" and not enough on the "thank you." Thanking only financial donors at a certain level. Unclear impact, industry jargon, and organizational self-indulgence.

Want to know the upside? All of this is super easy (and a lot of fun) to fix. You probably just need to make some minor changes. I can help. Or you can learn how yourself - with some guidance. Just know this - you don't have to be the best fundraiser to double your donations, you just have to be a bit better at gratitude.


I'm a fundraising expert, a book-reading enthusiast, a self-care / self-love champion, a spiritual empowerment enthusiast, and a passionate go-getter small-town lady. 


See that? I’m not just ONE thing, and I bet you aren't either!

I want to help you shine that beautiful light of yours even brighter by helping to build that bridge between you and your dream of making the world an even better place starting... well... is now a good time?



Gratitude is magic. Did you know that if someone makes a donation and you call them to say thank you within 48 hours, they are 40% more likely to give again? Gratitude can turn a stranger into a friend, and help you raise more for your mission! Check out this easy-to-use yet impactful call script and start thanking your donors, today. 





Keeping track of your donor touch-points can feel intimidating. It's actually really, really simple. Just take note of when you call, email, or see them. You don't have to remember everything, but if you keep track, your future self (and future funds raised) will thank you.

Donor thank you
call script
Donor Relations
Major Gifts Training

Building out a major gifts program can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. To achieve excellence in fundraising, you must take several small steps…over and over again… trusting the process and letting it unfold.

Do-It-Yourself Templates and Guides:

If you want to dive in and learn to craft your fundraising messaging on your own, these templates could be great for you - and they'll help you save time and raise more for your mission.

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